Gastronomic restaurant
in Villers-les-Nancy, near from Nancy 

A haven of peace


A setting

The Clos Jeannon is an ideal setting for the gastronomic restaurant's cooking.

Wooded-garden with natural fragrances, bright room decorated in a contemporary and very elegant style, landscaped terrace, without forgetting the table service ideally chosen to match with the place.

The head cook and his whole team invite you for a sensorial and greedy travel!

The head cook

Jérôme Paulus has known since he was young that it would become a cook.

Thanks to his two grand-mothers with them he spent plenty of time, and which were both fond of cooking?

He decided to chart his professional course by following a training in Metz.

After he travelled all around the world, especially for Alain Ducasse, Jérôme Paulus wanted to return to his roots.

The Clos Jeannon embodies perfectly the authentic rootedness as being at the same time international opened and proud of its traditions.

Seasonal cooking with fresh products

For Jérôme Paulus, "cooking is above all a sharing".

A sharing about dishes worked out with fresh and seasonal products according to nature's cycles. So the head cook's inspiration arises from the expectation for wintry scallop and truffles, spring asparagus, summery red berries, autumnal mushrooms. The surprise takes shape with the harvesting time, the sun, the land. And the menu is constantly renewed to offer you everytime an innovative culinary trip. All these products share the fine quality.

The Clos Jeannon focuses on local and regional producers as well as short circuits. The truffle comes from the
Meuse, the saffron from Alsace, flours and cereals from Jérôme Paulus' native village !


The Clos Jeannon's wine cellar is run by Jean-François Hennequin.

This enlightened wine-lover, who comes himself from a traders family, watches over the 180 varieties, that he chose carefully.

All the french vineyards are actually here, vintage wines like local productions. What is important, is the preference of Jean-François Hennequin and the trust relationship he could have built up with the years wit great producers.

As a result, you can get wine for every taste at affordable prices for your greatest pleasure !

Practical information 

The restaurant is opened from monday to saturday

  • Lunch from monday to saturday : 12.00pm to 2pm
  • Diner from tuesday to saturday : 7.30pm to 9pm

The restaurant is booked to groups(reservation obligatory, 12 people at least) on monday evening.